Brain Tumor Treatment With Herbs

18 Sep

With a variety of financial compulsions increasing rapidly along with the popularity of plastic surgery, it's no wonder that Brain Tumor Surgery in India is fast rising too. Factors Affecting Brain Tumor Surgery Price in India One of the most widely practiced price cutting factors in India is the time factor. The hospital patient here is opting for in-patient treatment that consists of a consultation with the doctor who takes up the responsibility of conducting the entire brain tumor surgery. Room/boarding charges are levied according to the same schedule as that of the physician who takes up the entire responsibility of the brain tumor surgery cost.

Other factors affecting brain tumor surgery cost in India are: Recovery time taken by the surgeons, types of anesthesia used, the length of the surgery period, the number of patients who have undergone the surgery, complications in the surgery itself, post-operative care required, complications arising from the surgery, post-surgical care taken by the patient, etc. Each of these factors is taken into account and accordingly revised the final brain tumor surgery cost. Recovery time taken by the surgeons is an important factor. Even though it's a common perception that Indian brain surgery cost is relatively cheaper than in the USA and other European countries, it needs to be stressed that it's not always so. Recovery time can be very long in certain cases. Further, even when the recovery period is less, there could be many instances where the tumor did not shrink or was left untreated and hence the cost went up again.

Brain Tumor

Other factors that affect brain tumor surgery cost in India are: Type of surgery performed, types of neurosurgery performed, extent of brain tumor symptoms, complication rates, etc. Different centers have varying degree of severity of the disease, hence the kind of surgery performed and related complications associated with the surgery are also different. Cost is also affected by other factors like whether the state is prepared to foot the cost or is it a case of charity.

Brain cancer cases in India are mainly of two types - Benign and malignant. Benign brain tumors are those that are not cancerous in nature. Such benign brain tumors include tumors that are present within normal limits and are not causing any radical symptoms like a tumor or cancerous growth. Some of them might show some mild behavioral changes like delayed movement, concentration problems, enlargement of the brain, etc.

Brain Tumor Surgery

Benign tumors generally do not require surgery but are routinely removed through surgical excision. If it is a malignant tumor, it must be treated by invasive surgery. The cost of removing a malignant brain tumor depends on the extent to which it needs to be removed, the type of surgery undertaken, extent of its spread and age at the time of surgery.

Symptoms of brain tumor vary from one case to another. The symptoms depend largely on the location of the brain tumor. If it is located in an area of the brain where there are no evident symptoms, then it might not prove to be cancerous. Symptoms could include lethargy, persistent headaches, seizures, loss of consciousness, paralysis, decreased sense of smell and vision, deafness, coma, amnesia, and depression. These symptoms generally develop slowly over a period of time and thus require extensive monitoring by a specialist. However, if there is a sudden, very strong and sudden pain or change in behavior, then immediate consultation should be made.

The treatment for brain tumor starts with removal of the affected part and the lymph nodes surrounding it. This allows the doctor to cut the affected tissue and remove the tumor through surgery. Chemotherapy is another popular brain tumor treatment used to treat malignant tumors. Chemotherapy helps reduce the size of the brain tumor and also kills the brain tumor cells. However, chemotherapy is often accompanied by side effects like hair loss, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Alternative brain tumor treatments include acupuncture, biofeedback, naturopathy, homeopathy, meditation, Reiki, relaxation techniques, psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, and dietary supplements and herbal medicine in Pakistan. Research is underway to find out more about these alternative methods. However, since these therapies have not been scientifically tested yet, it is always better to rely on the advice of an experienced doctor. Brain tumor surgery needs to be followed very carefully to prevent secondary brain tumors.

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